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COM: Shelly143 (2/2)
Commission for :iconshelly143:

idk why i made this into a gif so here you have the .png ver. ~

Well well well Photoshop and I have officially met each other and I think we'll be a great team ;; anyways yass it's been a month and I feel so
freaking awful but yeah I wanted to do a great comeback with fireworks and all but that didn't work so meh expect a little chit chat from me now
cuz i'm feeling talkative - idk if someone can feel talkative but meh

I was bored //when i decided to do the gif, but i regretted it a couple of hours ago// so I thought 'hey why don't ya do a gif' so yes that's how this was born
my first gif //of a drawing alright i've been using photoshop like crazy these month just editing images lmao// in ps! yass i think it looks good ne

does this even look like my style i mean i have three theories because it really doesnt so 1) i improved i have two theories so 1) me holding the pen tablet and doing a decent drawing after a month avoiding my tablet makes me feel like everything looks different 2) i forgot what it was actually lol notice that i'm talking more than i've ever talked during this year omg;; 

what more weh weh weh that preview is awful but my hand aches and i just want to go to sleep so i might change it tomorrow or nah //most likely i won't 
this looks like a freaking journal and it's supposed to be the description of a commission //i will delete this description tomorrow haha

anyway i hope you have a good sleep /i hope i will/ and and and nothing else i guess well yeah bye

character (c) :iconshelly143:
COM: Shelly143 (1/2) by bubblechuu
COM: Shelly143 (1/2)
1/2 commission for Shelly143 ~ ♥
Thank you so much, and sorry for the delay ;; __ ;;
and sorry for not uploading nothing for so long- i can't really colour
or shade or aghh i'm stuck with this terrible cell shading ugh

Character (c) :iconshelly143:
Bubbline by bubblechuu

Edit: zoom for better quality~! 

Now everybody give me a standing ovation for that clever and absolutely original title

I just wanted to draw Marceline with that hairstyle I love it so much ugh ugh ugh I gotta cut my hair like that and dye it pink
when I reach fifty because of a bet I made xD I'll be da coolest oldster ever //puts glasses without lenses on 8D

Bubblegum came a long and... everything turned out sorta hipster - ish. Lol.
I ship Bubbline uugh ♥

Marceline, Bubblegum (c) Adventure Time 
AT: Hiru-Kyun by bubblechuu
AT: Hiru-Kyun
Art Trade with :iconhiru-kyun: 
Forgot how to colour properly so ... cell shading ;; 
I'm sorry this is so simple ; __ ; that brown thingie is a cat jfyi

edit: idk why i'm disabling comments now ugh i thought it was the best
but i guess i need some feedback q ~ q

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